The Best Digital Manufacturing Strategy in 2019

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution, is underway and digital manufacturing is leading the way in adapting to the disruption the revolution is causing.  Organizations, with management that is prepared to guide their companies through a digital manufacturing plan will not only survive, but will be the leaders of their industry segment.


Manufacturing operation excellence is the goal of all manufacturers.  In this age of Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, successful organizations strive to:

  • Standardize processes across a global scale
  • Have better integration of supply chain and manufacturing
  • Gain real-time visibility across the entire organization
  • Achieve collaboration with both customers and the supplier network
  • Be more demand driven and responsive to their customers
  • Adapt manufacturing processes that eliminate waste
  • Accelerate new product introduction with design and build anywhere flexibility


First Steps:

Embrace the Disruption

The manufacturing world is shifting from a linear form to a circular form where user experience and intuitiveness has direct and immediate effect on product design and demand.  The ability to react to the changing requirements, needs and desires of the consumer will have an ultimate impact on the success or failure of any manufacturing organization.

Digital manufacturing…the use of big data along with technology trends such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and physical-virtual production is sweeping across the all manufacturing verticals.  To ignore and not adapt to this progress, this force of nature, will be the peril of a manufacturing organization.

Integrate and Synchronize All Operations

Most current manufacturing companies have siloed data which leads to delayed, inefficient performance. Real manufacturing excellence requires real-time, 360 degree visibility across your entire ecosystem, including your organization, your customer base and your supplier network.  Digitally integrating your ecosystem will allow you to gather data in real time and lead to orchestrated manufacturing operations and supply chain reacting to dynamic customer demand quickly and accurately.

Extend Manufacturing Operations Management Beyond the Manufacturing Floor

Insight and control needed to achieve manufacturing operations excellence needs to encompass the manufacturing floor, labor management, quality control, material flow, warehouse and inventory, asset maintenance and management, and supply chain.  This enterprise approach leads to a collaborated and flexible manufacturing environment that provides a foundation for continuous improvement and higher product quality for the lowest total cost. nulled themes

What Can a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System Do For You?

Please check out our guide to review their advantages and benefits or contact an D4M International expert today for a FREE assessment of potential savings in your operation.


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