Are you looking at an SAP Business Intelligence solution to transform your organization into a Digital Enterprise?

The current industry Key Performance Indicators of an organization are impacted by the trend toward Big Data, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).There is an increasing need for flexibility and real-time data processing to analyze the huge volume of data emanating from various sources.

There are two types of Organizations in the BI world today – some have a large BI system landscape that has matured over the years while others still employ conventional reporting techniques but wish to move BI. D4M’s BI team helps both types of organizations take advantage of SAP BW on HANA, a High Performance Analytic Appliance for Optimization, Data Retention, Data Modelling and Architecture. At the core of this solution is the building and structuring of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDWH) that can use data from various sources.

D4M helps its current S/4 HANA customers to take advantage of S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, a set of Features that enables users to perform real-time analytics using live transactional data.

D4M has an expert group of consultants with numerous years of business knowledge combined with technology expertise that helps to provide the highest quality Business Intelligence Platforms to support and enhance your strategic business decision process.

The D4M team uses the following core techniques to help clients achieve their strategic goals:

  • Analysis of Business and Technical Challenges

    D4M will help you to protect investments you’ve already made. We are aware that cost could be a significant deterrent for moving toward a new BI landscape, especially licensing and consulting costs. D4M’s BI team takes pride in helping you carefully evaluate and balance the benefits achieved from the BI tools against the licensing and consulting costs. D4M provides you with the necessary ROI and benchmark studies that summarizes the technical and business challenges. These significant inputs are a must for any customer embarking on the new SAP BI landscape journey.

  • Data Modeling and Data Acquisition

    The strategy for Data Modeling and Data Acquisition paves the way the foundation for any successful and self-sustaining BI platform. D4M’s team uses Graphical Interface tools that help you to visualize the data flow, the various data sources, the business transformation and the inherent quality audits and the end results.

  • Evolve Migration and Implementation scenarios for SAP BW on HANA

    D4M works with your business and IT champions to define the implementation and migration strategy. We evaluate your existing data sources to recommend a single or dual step approach. The migration process uses the DMO methodology to aid companies that are currently using Oracle, IBM DB2, or Microsoft SQL Server databases with SAP BW in switching to SAP HANA as part of a conventional database migration.

  • S4 HANA Embedded Analytics

    D4M has delivered multiple business dashboards and reports that use Real-time, relevant data that also support ad hoc queries and interactive drilling of data. Customers appreciate the build In-information tools offering relevant analytics and insights tailored to business needs and roles.Our applications are User Friendly and allow users to easily predict, simulate, and perform what-if analyses to make key business decisions.

  • Project management using Agile Scrum Methodology

    Scrum is a lightweight agile project management Technique for managing and controlling simple and complex projects of all types. Planning and implementation of the project schedule is based on the results of each phase/scrum rather than with the initial estimated/forecasting schedule. Every phase of the project is considered as a Scrum and the schedule of every scrum will be based on the scope and complexity of the scrum. In general, most of the scrums will be at monthly schedules while sprints are weekly schedules.