Have you invested a huge amount of time and money in implementing SAP and not sure if you have realized the full benefit of the system’s functionality and not getting the expected results?Are you worried that your SAP landscape is stable and scalable to accommodate the future growth of your Organization?Are your SAP users productive and satisfied with your system?

Why SAP Health checks and Audits?

SAP ERP systems perform best when Data Quality is high and Settings and Processes are optimal. SAP installations should not be regarded as static, but rather as subject to a well-planned strategy for improving the business processes, overall quality and ease of operation.

Continuous improvement, through Health Check and Audits should be performed following implementations, upgrades, major enhancements and on a regular basis.

What can D4M do to support your effort?

D4M has extensive SAP expertise to support organizations in an objective consultative approach to either endorse current state or to provide recommendations on how to improve Data Quality, Processes or over all System Performance.

Depending on the individual requirements, D4M can analyze:

  • Customized settings and data and compare against business blueprint requirements

  • Client’s Master Data for consistency and optimal usage

  • SAP user roles and profiles to identify possible SOD problems

  • System parameter settings to identify possible bottlenecks

  • System performance, both internal as well as in interactions with peripheral systems to identify any degradation in settings and components

  • Business blue prints to identify strategies for continuous improvement of internal processes.

Following the analysis phase, D4M will provide customized and detailed result objects, such as findings, recommendations for improvement, timeline and expected effort for implementation, planning for recurring activities and more.