Who We Are

As a trusted business partner, we deliver on time on specs on budget digital manufacturing projects anywhere.

What We Do

Digital Consulting, Design and Deployment Services

D4M is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality digital services to meet our customers’ specific business requirements. Our concept of Smart Factory leverages digital technologies to produce positive results on the Shopfloor for our manufacturing clients.

Our team of highly experienced consultants combine deep functional shopfloor process expertise and technological knowledge, with a successful track record over the years in both discrete and process manufacturing.

Our Offering

Our Offering

Partners for your success.

Digital Consulting Services

  • DE Strategic Capability Assessment
  • Shopfloor System Audit
  • Shopfloor Integration and Automation Assessment
  • Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Digital Solution Design and Deployment Services

  • MES Strategy
  • MES Product Selection
  • MES Template Design and Rollout
  • MES Migration/Upgrades
  • IoT Strategy, Solution, and Deployment
  • Shopfloor Application Management Services (AMS)

Key Drivers of Digital Transformation:


Network of machines/equipment and devices; multi directional communication between networked objects


Virtual /Augmented Reality for plant maintenance, Logistics, Wearables

Cloud computing

Cloud provides cost effective scalability for any organizations, agility to changes

Big Data and Analytics

Comprehensive analysis of available data from ERP, MES, CRM and machine data ; Real time decision making , support leading to optimization

3d printing

Additive Manufacturing, Spare parts/Prototypes, Decentralized 3D facilities


decentralized “digital ledger” of transactions with visibility in “Network – chain of computers” that must all approve an exchange before it can be verified and recorded